Words or Works

There is only One Power in the Universe, though our human experience of that Power often appears dual because we are able to perceive pairs of opposites. Yet, all experiences of duality take place within the One. Our ability to choose between this or that awakens us to our freewill. Science of Mind tells us that “We are all bound, tied hand and foot, by our very freedom. Our freewill binds us by creating the very conditions that limit us. That same freedom can uncreate and dissolve those conditions. The very force that makes us sick can heal us; the force that makes us poor can make us rich; and the power that makes us miserable can make us happy.”

We can use our power of choice to bind our self, “hand and foot,” or to set our self free to be all we are created to be. We could say that every moment in this earth life is an opportunity for us to choose to discover or run for cover. Every event, situation, condition and circumstance is an opportunity to discover our freewill and power of choice to decide who we will be, and how we will be, in a world that seems to offer so much adversity. We are free to choose to be a Master of our experiences or a victim.

We may think we have this whole change your thinking, change your life thing down. “It’s all Good; It’s all in Divine Order.” We’ve read Science of Mind and/or A Course in Miracles (maybe more than once). Maybe we can even quote some of it verbatim! And then some adversity comes into our life, and we look for something or someone outside of us to fix it or blame for it. We’ve all heard the saying, “Put money where mouth is,” which simply means to take action to support your statements and opinions. We could say that every event, situation, condition and circumstance in our life is an opportunity for us put our spirituality where our mouth is; to practice what we say we believe. (Read more…)

Slug Bug or Love Bug

There is a Scottish prayer that goes: “From ghoulies and ghosties/And long-leggedy beasties/And things that go bump in the night/Good Lord, deliver us!”

It is easy for us to be tricked by the human disguises we wear because they make us look frightfully separate, gravely alone, and dreadfully on our own. Why wouldn’t we fear things that go bump in night, especially in the dark places of the human mind? The scary 3-D images of this world—ghoulies of disease, disaster, and destruction; ghosties of disharmony, dysfunction and deception; and long-leggedy beasties of distress, depression and desperation—appear to be solid, threatening and unchangeable.

When we focus solely on appearances as if that is all there is to see about you and me, it is easy to forget that what we see as our self and in others is our choice. All that we think, all that we see, and all that we experience isn’t the result of that which comes to us, but rather that which comes from us. We see the thoughts and images of our mind projected in the world around us like a movie on a screen. The thoughts we hold in mind shape what see in the world and who we choose to be in world we see. (Read more…)

Guest Speaker Bill Diedrich speaks about Conscious Creation

Bill Diedrich is an exceptional author, speaker, and spiritual teacher who has spoken at The Life Enrichment Center many times. He has several books available in our Spiritual Awakenings Bookstore. In his talk, “Conscious Creation,” he noted, “We are always creating, but most of it is unconscious.” He spoke about the spiritual, physiological, emotional, and ultimately the practical aspects of becoming conscious and creating consciously.

After the Service, he facilitated a powerful Conscious Creation Workshop that offersed a deep look into what we are creating in our life. It tied together the law of attraction, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, mindfulness, basic New Thought, prayer, and physiology, while laying out a practical approach for positive change and growth.

Let All Hell Break Loose

Our Spiritual Nature, like Mother Nature, is all about poise and balance. It expresses Itself in subtle ways all the time, calling to us to make a small shift in our perception of life here, or a slight adjustment in our self-expression there, in order to bring about more poise and balance in our day-to-day life.

It is when the need for those subtle corrections doesn’t get our attention, because they are small enough for us to overlook or ignore them, that life gets our attention in a big way. Maybe just a few things get shaken up, or maybe all hell breaks loose!

When the inner power of our spirit and the outer expression of our self in the world are not balanced because we’re not living authentically; when we’ve “put a lid” on the self we desire to express because we fear the reaction of others, pressure builds up in the creative energies within us and “something’s gotta give!”

We are not responsible for how others react to us, but we are responsible for authentically expressing our self as lovingly and peacefully as we can. If all hell breaks loose when we do, then we can let it happen with peaceful curiosity as to what’s going to happen next, trusting that something good is breaking through. (Read more…)

Temporary Insanity

We are all equipped with Spiritual GPS, our very own God Positioning System, that won’t let us go wrong too long without beeping at us in some way. We can ignore Its signals, but why ignore them when God always has our best interest in Mind? Whether our Spiritual Guidance feels like the subtle energy of intuition or more like the Universe is hitting us over the head with a two-by-four, as we learn to trust It and choose to follow It, we find that our thoughts are more clear, our conversations are more positive, and we’re happy in each moment—right where er are, for seemingly no reason at all, even before we know what’s up ahead.

It isn’t always easy to trust our self and our inner feelings because most of us are in the habit of asking everyone else their opinion about what we should and shouldn’t do with our life. We look for approval first. Then we act. But nobody else, no matter how smart or accomplished they seem to be in their life, knows our reason for being, why we have become a wave in the Great Ocean of Life. But we can discover the answer within us because the Ocean of Life, that is causing us to be, knows why we’re here. Deep within us our unchangeable, always reliable GPS is ready to guide us to our bliss. (Read more…)