Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

Astronomer and Cosmologist, Carl Sagan, once said, “If you wish to make an apple pie truly from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” And, in a way we do. We invent the universe we experience. Or rather we re-invent the Original Universe of Creation in our mind according to specifications based on what we believe to be true about our self and the nature world around us. And, sure enough, what we imagine life to be in our mind is what we experience as our life in world.

Ancient Wisdom, Biblical Caution, and New Thought Discernment all tell us the same thing: Life, as we know it and experience it, is the product of our thoughts and imagination. In other words, It is done unto us as we believe. How often do we forget that’s true? How often do we wish it wasn’t true? How often do we claim it isn’t true?

If we spend most of our days saying ”no thank you” to life, we use our powerfully creative mental and emotional energy to re-invent a Universe in which to be unthankful, and the Universe of our invention will give us a whole lot more reasons not to be grateful each day. It is done unto us as we believe whether we believe life is beautiful, or we believe life sucks in specific ways or in general. That is why our feeling thankful for our life every day changes our experience of life.

So, how do we leave our list of complaints against our self, others and life behind? First of all we’ve got to want to leave it behind. Let’s face it, often our stories are so juicy and filled with such drama, and they occupy so much of our time and take up so much space in our mind, it’s tough to let them go. After all who would we be without our stories? (Read more…)

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

How do you feel right now? Do you feel the vibrational hum of Peace? Or do you feel the agitation of stress or conflict somewhere in your emotional-physical body? Is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season getting to you already? Are you looking forward to just getting through the Holidays with all the bell-ringing, shopping, and cooking (and God forbid celebrating), so you can start fresh in the new year?

Peace, like Gratitude, is a choice available in each moment for us to choose (if we choose to). The infinite timeless Peace of this unbound Universe will never abandon us even in those moments when we feel like abandoning our life and everyone in it. As spiritual beings we haven’t lost our birthright as Children of God, even while having this human experience. We’re just unrecognizable as God’s Children while we’re busy stressing out and creating chaos.

It is our belief that outer circumstances, people, and behaviors are responsible for our reactions that causes us to be chaos-makers, rather than peacemakers. We won’t find Peace by fleeing from people and events of our world because wherever we go, there we are. Nothing sources our thoughts, emotions, and experiences but the choices we make. Nothing has an effect upon us whatsoever but that which we choose to allow to affect us. (Read more…)

Blessed Are the Merciful

The Greek word, “blessed,” translates as “happy, blissful; literally to be enlarged or expanded.” Mercy is defined as “compassion shown toward an offender; something that gives evidence of Divine Favor.” We could say, then, that the happy experiences of the merciful are enhanced because they live in the Divine Joy of compassion and forgiveness. And, they receive mercy because forgiveness of our own trespasses can only come about as we forgive those we believe have trespassed against us.

The merciful are willing to release their views of who’s right and who’s wrong, so that they can live in a world where all are innocent, including themselves. When we are caught up in our views of who’s right, who’s wrong, and who did what to whom, those views trap us in a world of judgment where mercy is hard to find. Compassion for others, and their mistakes, are lost to us, and we suffer from lack of self-forgiveness because we can’t give what we do not feel. In fact, it’s not possible to feel the Love of God and judge others at the same time.

It is so easy for us to point out the mistakes of others. Focusing on others, and cheering when they get what we are certain they deserve, keeps us from looking within our self and taking responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions. (Read more…)

Blessed Are the Meek

Gratitude is the Vibration of Joy that fills the Universe in which we live. Its Vibration lives in our heart and has the Power, if we let our self feel It, to transform our life experience. Gratitude has so many positive effects on us, in fact, that we could call Its mental, emotional and physical benefits “spiritually medicinal.” The vitality of Its energy heals the body. Its irresistible vibration attracts positive relationships. And, Its natural tendency to multiply increases the good we experience in every area of life. In other words, Gratitude can cure whatever ails us! However, Its therapeutic benefits can only be ingested from within, through our decision to feel It within us for no outer reason at all.

Just talking about Gratitude won’t do it! We can say all day that we are grateful for some things, and if we spent all day focused on just those things, our life would be transformed in every way. But, if we spend the rest of the time feeling ungrateful for other things, e.g., certain people and relationships, the state of our health, the condition of our finances; if we are grateful only for a few things and ungrateful for many things, we limit the positive effects Gratitude can have in our life.

Gratitude that heals is Gratitude that feels thankful for all things, and “receives all things with thanksgiving.” If we’re not feeling Gratitude for our life, and everything in it (no matter what “in it” may mean to us at the moment), it isn’t because Gratitude is not in our heart to feel, but rather that we’ve let gratitude go to our head, and our head always needs a reason to feel It. And, while we’re waiting, with our arms crossed and a “show me what you’ve got for me” attitude toward life; while we’re busy pointing out all the reasons we shouldn’t feel grateful right now, we miss the beautiful gifts an Attitude of Gratitude would open our awareness to…right now. (Read more…)

I Am So Blessed

We explored Gratitude all this month at The Life Enrichment Center as “the memory of the heart.” The Pulsation of Pure Joy the Universe endlessly emits to all of creation. The living energy of Unconditional Love that lives in us because we live in It. We can never lose the Unconditional Love of our heart even in those moments when we forget It is there; even when we experience a temporary Memory Loss and forget we are One Life of Love together.

Our challenge is that we don’t truly believe the Love of the Universe is Unconditional. That we could still be loved no matter what unloving thought we have had, unloving word we have said, or unloving deed we have done. We are loved not because of what we have done, or haven’t done, in this human experience, but because of Who We Are. We are born of God and live, now and forever, in God’s Grace.

If we don’t accept Unconditional Love for our self, we cannot offer it to anyone else. If you’ve been having difficulty forgiving yourself or another, and you are ready to let go and let Love direct your next move. If you are ready to experience the incredible Lightness of true Being, I invite you to listen to this podcast.

Expectation of Revelation

It is done unto us as we expect it to be done unto us. When we look outside of our self for confirmation of our worthiness to be loved. When we look to others for their approval before we approve of our self, we find that this world is full of critiques. No matter how hard we look for approval, no matter how much we may find, there will never be enough approval from those around us to fill the void within us that only self-love can fill. Unless we feel safe within our self, unless we love and approve of our self, we’ll never feel safe to be our self around anyone else.

In A Course of Love we read, “Revelation is direct communication with God in the sense that it is direct communication from the Self that is one with the Creator.” As we clear mind of unworthiness and fear, our mind is open to direct communication from our Inner Being. We find that we have a natural expectation of the revelation of Good wherever we are because we feel our Oneness with the One we are.

If your life has been feeling like a daily struggle to be accepted by those around you. If you would like to learn how to feel safe to be the beautiful, powerful being you are created to be, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And join us on Sundays at 11 AM at The Life Enrichment Center. Lives are transformed at LEC!