Thoughts from “Behind the Scenes”

I’ve always said that if one person shows up on a Sunday morning, I will be there, too. And, for nearly eight years, through literally rain, snow, sleet, and summer heat we’ve had a Sunday Service! Today’s decision began and ended with complete trust in the Guidance of Spirit that is always there (and always aware) “Behind the Scenes”—the title of the talk, by the way, that I’d planned to give next Sunday! However, since I truly want to share with you the talk I’d prepared for today, “I Swear to God,” that will be our topic next Sunday.

Rather than focusing on the ever-changing weather outside the window and on the weather maps, or reading the dramatic details of the winter storm warnings, in order to decide what was “best” for our congregation, the clear answer to cancel our Service today came as every True Answer comes, from looking within for Guidance. As I released my need for conditions to be a certain way, I was able to surrender to the Inner One—that Presence of Awesome Wisdom and Powerful Love that is always there, Behind the Scenes, and always knows right where we are. (Read more…)

Nowhere to Hide

We live, move, and have our being in a Conscious Universe that is conscious of us—One Unlimited Universal Mind “thought us up,” and knows right where we are every moment. That Mind brought us forth into being through the Holy Vibration of Creation. We are not only created out of that Vibration, we are created to function within it through the vibration of our thoughts. Our invisible thoughts are powerful, and whether we want them to (or not) they become visible as the life we experience. We can never hide our thoughts, or hide from our thoughts because they appear everywhere we go—as the condition of our body, the quality of our relationships, the nature of our day-day encounters, the state of our finances, and all our activities. (Read more…)

It Ain’t Necessarily So

We learned many of the worldly facts that “ain’t necessarily so” from our well-meaning parents, who learned them from their well-meaning parents, who only wanted to keep their children safe in an unsafe world. In fact, when I was growing up my mom tried to scare the hell out of me with all sorts of scary ”what if” scenarios that she hoped would keep me from getting myself in trouble. I was told of the dangers of doing just about anything in life—from climbing on the roof and talking to strangers, to having sex and having babies. But, the one that stuck for the longest time was the one about the dangers of speaking up for myself.

When we’re taught that life is unsafe, we not only live in fear of what’s around us, we fear what’s with us and become afraid of our own impulses to express our self. We’re convinced that, if we do, we’re going to get our self in trouble, especially with those around us who wouldn’t approve. (Read more…)