Do You Hear What I Hear?

Even though it doesn’t seem so, our feeling joy or depression, blessed or stressed, doesn’t depend on anything but the choice we make. Every feeling is available to us in every moment, and we have a wide array of feelings and emotions from which to choose. What we feel depends on what we’re choosing to listen to, and what we hear when we do.

The world shouts at us each day with threats of war, conflict, and disaster. The news is filled with noisy negativity that nowadays includes gossipy stories about the inappropriate behavior of people we don’t know. (We may even add to the noise with gossipy stories about people do know!) The world tells us to look out, take cover, and defend our self at all cost by pointing our finger away from our self and shouting “look, look over there.” We do it hoping that those around us will look anywhere but at us, because we certainly don’t want to look at our self!

We’ve come believe the noise of the world and the noise in our head, is all there is to hear, and we’ve stopped listening for anything else. Yet the Shimmering Vibration of Universal Joy in which we live, lives in us still. We, and all of Creation, vibrate and pulsate with Joy just beneath the surface of our earth life. We can let It out, turn It down, and even turn It off to our awareness. But, It is still there! If It were ever truly gone, we would be gone as well. But we’re still here, and even now It fills our soul with blissful music—even when we seem to be listening to a different tune; even when we seem to be deaf to Its happy Sound; even when we seem to be numb to the impulses of Its uplifting Spirit. (Read more…)

Do You See What I See?

This month at The Life Enrichment Center we are exploring together, and celebrating together, the living Christ Light that dwells within us—the Invisible Shimmering Light of Universal Love in which live that shines in us even while we are in the world, even while we seem to be in opaque physical bodies, even while we are having a human experience in which we so often lose sight of Its Radiance in our self and the world around us.

The Light of Christ in us is the same Radiant Christ Light that shined so brightly in Jesus as he walked the earth and caused miracles to occur wherever he was. We may wonder, then, why it is that miracles, if they occur at all for us, don’t occur more often wherever we are.

It could be that we just don’t see what Jesus saw. Though we are no less spiritual in our earthly incarnation than Jesus was, or any less powerful (in potential), the difference is that Jesus had no doubt he was the Son God, and through his spiritual conviction the Light of Christ illumined all he saw. With great humility he surrendered his human mind, with its perceptions of separation and opposition, to the Mind of God. And, in surrendering he was able to see the world of God’s Creation. (Read more…)

Intense Present Moment Focus

This earth life isn’t a test run for another life somewhere else someday. It is not a theory of mind. It is an experience of the soul. It is Creation, Itself, and we are all an essential part of Creation.

If we do not choose to lay aside our old thoughts of our self and our relationship to life, for the thoughts God has of us. If we continue to repeat our same old shame-blame stories, and sing our same old somebody done me wrongs songs, we can’t reveal the Son of God within us. The Light of Christ will remain a light at the end of the tunnel that we will never reach.

How do get there from here? We begin with the realization that we are already there. Right where we are God is—Present even in this world of appearances; Present in us even in this human experience.

Unless we are willing to dare to believe in the glory of who we are NOW, we relinquish our ability to use our spiritual power on earth, and to experience the health, wholeness, peace, love, joy, and freedom that belong to all God’s Creation.

If you would like to learn how focusing on the present moment can take you out of the limitations of worldly thought, and into the Power of your Spirit, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us if you are able, at The Life Enrichment Center. Lives are transformed at LEC!

Surrender to the Light

If we let it be, this month as we honor the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth can also be a celebration of the Christ that is born on Earth in us in every moment we allow our self to recognize Christ within us and to see the face of Christ in one another.

The Light of Christ, the Self we share that unites with one another and with God as well, is all-inclusive. It shines within and upon all living beings. If we see It “here and there,” but not everywhere, it is because we are looking through the pinhole of our own judgments that hide the fullness of Christ Light from our view.

Reading about and talking about Spiritual Oneness is one thing. Experiencing that Truth as reality takes spiritual practice. Our moment-to-moment willingness to surrender to the Light that is always Present despite appearances that would deny It, allows us to see the Light. (Hallelujah!)

Even when we stumble over unexpected obstacles of resistance within us, unless we keep practicing–unless we’re willing to let go of our old, self-protective ways that keep us in the dark (those judgments we have honed in the darkness of fear) we will continue to get in our own way, and perpetuate darkness on Earth by casting shadows that keep us from seeing our self and world in the Light of God’s creation, where all beings are innocent, beautiful, holy sons of God.

If you are having difficulty forgiving yourself and others, and you are ready to surrender to the Light that would set you free by allowing you to see, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And join us, if you are able, at The Life Enrichment Center, Sundays at 11am. Lives are transformed at LEC!