The Impulse of the Heart

The human mind tells us “Stop!” when it comes to our doing so many things in life, while the impulse of our heart tells us to go for it (whatever “it” is) because our heart knows we are created to fly far beyond the limited, opposing concepts of a world that would try to keep our spirit grounded by fear. The Love that lives in our heart is a fearless Love that fills the Whole Universe with life. It places no limitations or conditions on our self-expression. The moment we allow our heart to take the lead in our life, its impulse inspires our thoughts, words and actions.

When Love is confined to the mind, and defined by our personal requirements for its expression by us and others, we confuse our definitions of love with Love, Itself, and we miss the Free Spirit of Love altogether. Love defined by the mind is seldom allowed expression because the very same mind that offers us reasons to love gives us plenty of reasons not to love. Everyday somewhere in the world unloving thoughts, words and actions take place (sometimes by us). But, it is when they seem to be more destructive than our own unloving thoughts, more harmful than our own harsh words, and more damaging than our own unkind actions (In other words, it is when they become news-worthy) that we begin to notice something isn’t quite right with the world in which we find our self.

When unloving, harmful, and damaging actions take place close to our dwelling place (i.e., in our country), and when those actions of “un-Love” involve the young as they did in Florida on Valentine’s Day, our attention seems to be more “personally” drawn to the hole in the collective human heart caused by the belief that we are separate from Love and each other, need reasons to love one another, and have good reasons to fear one another. Fear, and all it gives rise to—feelings of unworthiness and actions of rage, feelings of unlovability and actions of fury—are judgments of the human mind, not impulses of the heart. (Read more…)

Love and Learn

Sociologists say the indwelling presence of Unconditional Love is evident at every birth in the hand of every newborn baby. It doesn’t matter whose finger is placed in a newborn baby’s hand—regardless of age, education, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation—a newborn baby will gently clasp that finger in what is referred to as a primal finger-hug that unconditionally honors whoever has placed it there. Yet, a baby holds that finger without holding onto it, so the baby just as gently yields to the visiting finger’s departure at the instant it is taken away. It is believed that this universally offered finger-hug reveals the primal absence of interpersonal friction at birth, i.e., it reveals the absence of judgments and opinions at birth. They say the finger-hug is an instinctive greeting that demonstrates how free we all felt (in the beginning) to join with one another without barriers or resistance. (Read more…)

Toboggan Ride to Hell

Love may make the world go round, but when it comes to our human experience of love, it can turn our world upside down because love (like everything else in this world) Love appears to depend on something outside of us in order for us to feel It. So, if and when we feel it, we become afraid of losing that feeling. We worry about all the ways we could lose Love—such as the “Big Ds” of death, disapproval, disappointment, dismissal, and desertion.

Whether it is the love of a parent, child, partner, or a friend, we are willing to do just about anything to hold onto that love—whether we like the things we are doing, or not; whether we agree with what we’re agreeing with, or not; whether we choose to be someone else to be loved, or not. Often we are so afraid of being abandoned by love that we abandon our self. We deny who we are and how we truly feel. We don’t rock the boat even to offer a helpful alternative perspective! (Read more…)

It’s in the “I” Cloud

The Aramaic Bible tells us that because God is love, anyone who does not love does not know God. If we truly believed that God’s Love lives in us (as us), we’d never be content to live one moment not loving, or to think not loving could ever be acceptable. We would know Love to be as essential to our life as the air we breathe. So essential, in fact, that if an unloving thought, feeling or word came up for us, we’d seek to heal it immediately.

To not know God in this life is to not know our Self. It is to live in human form without knowing why we are here in human form. Love is the Path to Self-Knowledge. When we hold back love, we hold back part of our Self from living, and from being known to us. When we are unaware of who we truly are in “Love’s creation,” rather than experiencing the joy, love, peace, and abundant good that comes from knowing we are a unique expression of God, we struggle to find our identity in the world. And, we blame others when they tell us we are someone we don’t want to be.

Somewhere along our earth path, the lessons that were designed to reveal the Love within us, caused us to close down on Love, instead. If we don’t let our life lessons reveal to us the beautiful Self that lives in us, as us, then every struggle we’ve ever gone through in our life—every heartache and heartbreak, every loss and setback, and every problem and challenge—will have been for nothing.

Our freedom to live without fear begins with our fearlessly loving the Self that is One with God, and loving others as our Self. Not because every thought, word and action in the past was perfect, but because Perfect Love is the condition of Reality. If you are willing to get your head out of the cloud of separation, and be the Love you are created to be, then I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us at The Life Enrichment Center. We celebrate Life and Love every Sunday at 11 am. All are welcome!

Tick Tock the Game is Locked

The Unconditional Love that God feels for all that exists, exists within all living beings, including our self (whether we feel It or not). We may wonder why it matters to our human experience if we choose not to feel that Love. What does it matter to our personal well being if we choose to withhold love and forgiveness from certain people? After all, we have our reasons!

But, if we’re not feeling love for someone—if our mind is filled with negative judgments and opinions about that person—we’re not experiencing God in that place within our self. In other words, we’re experiencing a part of our self that is godless. And unless we’re willing to remove the conditions and restrictions against Love’s Presence in us, we will never experience wholeness in our life.

Because Unconditional Love is the Incredible Lightness of Being that flows unconditionally through every living being, and Love holds no record of wrongs. the record of wrongs we hold against our self and others weighs us down. Our lack of forgiveness builds a thick barrier against the natural flow of Love within us, and causes us to become spiritually stagnate. Spiritual stagnation makes us sick and tired.

The beautiful mystic poet, Rumi, wrote: “Bow to the essence in a human being. Do not be content with judging people good and bad. Grow out of that.” We grow out of that when we are no longer willing to listen to people criticize one another. When we take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong. When it matters to us so much to feel good and joyous that we’re only willing to think positive things about others. And, when we’re no longer willing to beat drum of all the mistakes and problems, but to look only at the brightest parts of others and to seek positive solutions.

Often it is through the tough times in our relationships with others that we receive the greatest rewards, because when we will let love heal us we move to a deeper experience of the Presence of Love within us that allows us to see that Presence in another. It is only through our human relationships—and how we choose to treat one another, especially when mistakes are made—that we come to know a more Unconditional Love and catch a tiny glimpse of the way we’re loved by the Universe.