You Got It!

It is only when our negative self-concepts of guilt, unworthiness, and unlovability block It that Abundant Good doesn’t seem to flow easily to us. We can look at the start of a new year as a wonderful symbolic opportunity for us to experience a greater sense of freedom and prosperity by writing a new chapter in our book of life—a love story to our self about our self. If we stay attached to our “someone done me wrong” story (even though it’s so last year!), and if we insist on the retelling of limitation, difficulty, unhappiness, disharmony, mistreatment, and poor health, we convince our self that what we’ve been through is not only a drama worth retelling because it’s so juicy, but that it is all there is for us to know about our self in this human experience.

Unless we stop retelling our poor pitiful me stories about how life goes for us in the world—poor lonely me, poor misunderstood me, poor busy me, poor unhealthy me, poor in resources me; unless we change our mind about who we are and stop denying our spiritual greatness, we will miss out on telling the juiciest story of all—the true life adventure story of the Spiritually Prosperous Me we are created to be.

No matter how much we may wish for a new story to unfold in our life, our life will always look like the story we’re telling today. One of the ways that we can start to tell a new one is by not continuing to try to “kill off the villain” of yesterday’s story! When our thoughts are focused on who and what we want to get rid of in our life, when we spend mental energy wishing, hoping and praying that whoever or whatever is bothering us will disappear from our life, we’re not telling a story of the life we want to live. We’re just retelling the story of the life we don’t want. (Read more…)

Ask For It!

Often we think of prosperity as merely having a lot of money or material possessions. And though there is nothing “un-spiritual” about money or worldly things because everything visible (including cold hard cash) comes from the same Invisible Source, the deeper Essence of prosperity is far more vast than can ever be measured simply by material possessions. Spiritual prosperity includes loving thoughts, peace of mind, happy relationships, good health, joyous activities, and every good experience that we can imagine to be ours. It is the rich sense of well being and freedom we feel when we know we are a spiritual being living in an ever-giving Spiritual Universe.

Our awareness that we are already One with our Source, and that we free to be the self we are created to be wherever we are, allows our prosperous spirit to flow into our human experience from the inside out, unimpeded and unrestricted by doubt. Spiritual Prosperity, if we are open to It, evolves our experience of life. We live without compromise because we no longer depend on a world that appears separate from us, but rather on our awareness of the unlimited Kingdom within us. (Read more…)


Are you willing to prosper? Are you open and non-resistant to the Good that is Naturally yours as a Spiritual Being? William Diedrich, an exceptional speaker and author of “Human Adulthood,” asks these questions. If you’d like to discover how to answer these questions for yourself, and bring creative power into your day-to-day life, listen to this podcast. Mr. Diedrich’s book is available at the Spiritual Awakenings Bookstore at The Life Enrichment Center.

Pie in the Sky

Though our theme this month has been “Prosperity,” our conversation all month has been about Love. Because Love is all there Is, Love is Inner Wealth. If we love only a little, if we love with conditions attached, if we withhold love from anyone, for any reason, we are poor in spirit no matter how much “cold hard cash” we may have!

A Course of Love reminds us that our recognition of what Love is will return us to God and our Self. Our understanding that Love is the Source and Cause of all things, and our choice to live in harmony with that Cause, allows the Joyous Freedom of our Inner Being to be Present in our day-to-day life. Joy becomes the vibrational environment in which we consciously live, and It attracts abundant good to us wherever we are.

Until we are in harmony with Love, and the Unconditional Joy It brings, our power and freedom to create the life we desire to live while we are here in human form will be just “pie in the sky.” We are here to meet our beautiful, boundless Self in one another, to love and accept one another as our Self, and to co-create the Glory of God through our amazing life on earth.

If you would like to learn how to let Love enrich your life from the inside out, if you would like to be part of the co-creation of a world that works for everyone, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11AM. We support the TRUTH in YOU!

I Believe

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is angry at something these days? Perhaps you are noticing an escalation in angry words and actions in your own life—in your workplace, in your car, in your home, and in yourself.

Because we are One Life together, we are able to feel the intense negative vibration that is churning just beneath the surface of our collective human experience. Even though there has been a low vibration of perpetual discontent in the collective earth energy ever since we, humans, began believing in our separation from God as Source and Supply, and the Love that joins us as one Beautiful, Harmonious Creation. Up until now it has been easy to ignore that low vibration because it was like background static that we got used to. It became a part of normal human living. But, it is no longer subtle and no longer in the background. Discontent has escalated into a noisy vibration of anger that can no longer be ignored. We feel its energetic fury and outrage in the world, in our country, and in each other.

The good news is, angry energy is impersonal until we call it our own. Rather than allowing it access through our words and actions, we are free to choose Love as our response instead. Epictetus wrote: “No man is free who is not master of himself.” I believe that every angry thought, word and action directed toward us, or expressed through us, is a Call to return to Love. It is up to each of us to answer that Call—to make a return trip Home to our Inner Being of Love, and release It within us so that It becomes our Self-expression in the world.

If you’ve been struggling with feelings of anger and you would like to learn more about how you can achieve peace in your thoughts, words and actions, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Services where Love is reflected in love.