Bust the Myth of BS — God is All There Is

No recording is available of yesterday’s talk, so I’m taking this opportunity to write more than just a brief synopsis of what we talked about at our Sunday Celebration Service.

Myths, folklores, legends, and fables have been passed down from age to age to account for the appearance of good and evil that, to this day, is considered to be part of the human condition. In fact we, humans, seem to love battles between good and evil. We enjoy watching them in movies, reading about them in books, and even experiencing them in the dramas of our own life. Myths tell us of the existence of good and something else that appears to be evil; of gods and goddesses and something else that appears to be ungodlike. And even though good (and gods and goddesses) may triumph over opposition, when we believe the myths of duality and opposing powers, it still leaves good and “something else” to battle it out in our human experience.

We all know what we mean when we say that something we hear is a “bunch of BS.” We mean we know whatever we’ve heard isn’t true. It’s when we believe the BS is true that we run into problems. It is when we believe that “something else” Besides Spirit exists as real in our self or another, and when our words and actions affirm anything But Spirit has power in our life, that BS fills our day-to-day experiences with dramas of opposition—battles between right and wrong, and struggles between good and bad.

Since the dramas are of our own making, we put the masks of “gods and goddesses” and “devils and demons” on our face, and on the faces of those around us. Those masks of BS hide the spiritual beings that stand before us, and the one that lives within us. When we don’t recognize the BS in our own mind, it’s easy for us to join in the dramas of BS in the world. And, most of us would agree, this world seems to be getting crazier and crazier, and the masks scarier and scarier…

Bust the Myth of “I Can’t” — Live Your Dream!

The myth of “I can’t” is often a hard one to bust because our experiences in life seem to prove that it is true. How we experience life is shaped by our repetitive thoughts, and by the words we use and hear the most. Many of us have been thinking, “I can’t,” and saying it and hearing it for so long, it surely feels true.

Our being told at an early age, “You can’t,” by authorities we trusted knew what we could and couldn’t do, became the “I can’t” in our own mind. We may learned “you can’t” because you’re not smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough, coordinated enough, emotionally strong enough, or simply not the right gender to do the thing that excited our soul.

For many of us the myth of “I Can’t” grew stronger over time because our experiences were shaped by our fears of failure, inadequacy, embarrassment, and shame. And our list of what we could not do grew longer! As adults when something new excited us, when a different way of being our self in the world made our heart feel momentary lighter, “I can’t” may have been followed by “I’m not young enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, secure enough, and besides all that, what would my family, friends and coworkers think?”

It has been said that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. When our dreams are snagged in the web of the illusion of ”I can’t,” we expect we can’t, and then we don’t, even though if we were to follow the inner urge that excites us (no matter what it is or what others may have to say about it), we would discover “Yes, we can!”

No matter how far along in our earth life we appear to be—time-wise, age-wise, health-wise, or education-wise—there is a sacred dream that lives within us still that calls to us every day, and every moment throughout the day. The closer we walk with our dream, the more we honor it by being willing to take even a small step toward it, the closer we are to the Reality of our soul. It is never too late to be more of the one we are created to be.

If you’d like to learn how you can turn “I can’t” into “Yes, I can!,” I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11AM. All are welcome!

Sitting on the Fence

Imagine a metaphoric fence that we sit on in our mind. On one side grows the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. On the other side grows the Tree of Life that has no opposites or opposition.

The tree of good and evil grows in the atmosphere of a mind where good and evil have equal power. Its roots are fed by fear and separation. It is made stronger by a belief that life is happening to us in a world separate from us; a world from which we must extract our good and protect our self from evil. Its fertilized by judgment, self-protection and defensiveness. The Tree of Life grows in the atmosphere of a mind where only Love is real. It thrives in the awareness that Life is One and always unified. Its branches extend into the world through non-judgment, forgiveness and compassion.

Trying not to feel stressed despite a situation we have labeled as “bad” (according to the tree of good and evil in our mind) isn’t the same as choosing the Peace that lives within the Tree of Life with no opposition. Accepting “whatever” in resignation to opposition may seem like peace. But living Peace, Love and Joy that doesn’t “fight against” is accepting What Is, and it is the beginning of True Creation that will not fail to bear sweet fruit.

We attract life experiences that are a vibrational match to the vibrations of our thoughts. Because there is no “downtime,” as creative beings we create even while we’re sleeping. Our thoughts don’t rest in Peace at night if our days are filled with conflict. So, we might want to ask our self: “From the time I wake up in the morning until the time I wake up in the morning again, what am I creating with my thinking day and night, night and day?”

Are you enjoying your life experiences? Do you want to create more of the same? Or would you like to learn how to make the mental changes that will change your life in beautiful ways? To learn more, I invite you to listen to this podcast, and then join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11AM. All are welcome!

Undressing in Front of a Friend

Most of us were taught at an early age that there are things about us that are acceptable and worth showing to the world, and there are things about us that are unacceptable and should be hidden from the world. And, it all began with our body.

We may not remember the freedom of running around naked and being unashamed of any part of our body because all too soon we learned we have private parts not meant for anyone to see in public. Once we learned part of our self needed to be hidden from others, we began to discover it wasn’t just our body we needed to cover up. Some our private thoughts, desires, emotions, and behaviors became embarrassing and shameful to us as well, and we began to hide them too. We hid our mental and emotional private parts beneath fears of unworthiness, and took on whole different personality to show world. Our monsters of shame caused us become dishonest with self and others.

Often we are afraid to tell the truth about what we think and feel to the very one we are thinking and feeling it about because we are afraid that such honesty might expose a part our self we are ashamed of. We feel safer and less exposed talking about one another than to one another. We speak behind closed doors and in whispered secrets. We have lost trust in authentic one-on-one communication with each other because we have lost sight of the innocence with our self.

But unless we begin to speak authentically and openly just as we are, to everyone no matter who, we won’t discover the deeper Truth within us that sets us free to be more of what we are created be. Living an authentic life is the only way for us to let out our true Self, so that we can discover more of that Self to let out!

We discover our Holy Gift of Freedom to run around naked in the world by embracing our “perfect imperfections.” It is only through honest self-acceptance that we can begin to let go of what may be keeping us from deeper, more fulfilling relationships with everyone. When we accept our self just as we are, we don’t try so hard to hide who we are from others. We begin to trust we are beautiful and innocent just as are, and we begin to see others in the same light.

As we trust in our own spiritual innocence, and see that same innocence in those around us, we find that Life is our Friend. And we feel safe to undress in front of that Friend, to take it off (take it all off) from the inside out, so that we can expose our true Self to the world!

If you’d like to learn more about living an authentic life that will empower you to live your dreams, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11AM. Lives are transformed at LEC!

Climate Change Begins Within

It is not what is happening around us that determines the Peace we feel, though some environments may make it easier for us to feel It. A disagreement can take place in a lovely garden or during a beautiful sunset, and Peace can arise in us in the middle of a traffic jam.

Only we can touch the Peace within ourself that frees us—and only we can choose to leave It untouched and allow fear to bind us. We may need to remind ourself every moment that nothing can keep us in bondage to our emotions and reactions, but us. Nothing sources our thoughts, emotions and experience in each moment, but we, ourself. Nothing has an effect upon us whatsoever but that which we choose to allow to affect us. We are responsible for the way we allow Life to flow through us. We can choose to extend Peace from within us, or we can choose to join in the chaos around us.

It is the idea that we aren’t responsible for how we feel and express our self, because others are blame, that continues to create the violent and reactionary climate in which we live in American and around world. Our automatic, unchecked, unloving, angry reactions add to the already over-heated mental and emotional climate of anger and violence in our world today. It is as if we are pre-stressed in each moment, an argument waiting to happen, waiting for someone say or do something we don’t agree with so we can express the vibration of rage we’re tuned into, and blame them for our reaction.

Whether we speak up in Peace or silently extend It from within. Whether we speak up in anger or silently seethe within. Our choice of self-expression (whether verbal or silent) not only affects our body and emotions, but the atmosphere around us. We are One Life together. Love and Peace have a vibration that vibrates within us, around us, and around the world. Anger and conflict do to. It is up to each of us to choose to be the positive change we want to see.

If you’d like to learn more about how your taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions can empower your life and create change in positive ways, I invite you listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11AM. All are welcome!

Parade of the Imagined Terribles

The Peace that belongs to us has nothing to do with the external world. It is a Peace that is internal, untouchable, and unchangeable because It is the Nature of our Creator that has been “passed along” to us as the Created. The Peace of God is as Unconditional as the Love of God. Though we may place conditions on the Peace and Love we are willing to feel and express, both are Unconditionally Present within us to choose whenever we change our mind. If we choose not to choose Peace because others are not behaving the way we think they should, if we choose conflict and blame instead, we move our awareness away from the living Peace within us, but that Peace does not move away from us. It remains now and forever ours to choose.

Why would we choose to be “un-peaceful” when Peace is always an option? Perhaps it is our habit of looking at a world filled with conflict as outside of us, and then reacting it. Perhaps it is our habit of accusing and blaming people, events, and circumstances for the way we feel. In other words, perhaps it is our judgments that cause our insides to tremble with anger and a need to justify the painful disturbances within us, when it is we, alone, who block joy, love and peace from our own experience.

The Way of Mastery tells us that when we judge even the cells of our body go crazy. Judgment is not something to take lightly, whether we judge another or judge ourself for judging. Our judgments and perceptions of our self and others become a “parade of imagined terribles” that march with familiarity in our mind and seem to require our self-protection and self-defense. It is a parade of negative possibilities for our future, with banners and signs that read: “What if…” Only we know who marches in our personal parade. Only we know who and what we’ve given power to disturb our peace.

We can learn to breathe through our imagined terribles until they have no power to disturb us. But first we must take back the power we’ve given to the world to threaten us, and our well-being. Even a disagreeable interaction can have a beautiful outcome. Even a hurtful situation has something valuable to teach us (if we’re willing to learn) about our Spiritual Strength and the Power that belongs to us to choose Peace, Love and Trust over conflict, judgment and fear. All of us are here in human form to learn. What we’re learning is that only Love heals, and we are that Love.

If you would like to learn more about how you can render your “imagined terribles” powerless in your life, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our Sunday Celebration Service at 11AM, where all are welcome, and lives are transformed!