All or Nothing

This world can teach us, if we let it, that we have been given the power of choice as to what we will think, how we will choose to feel, who we will decide to be, and what we will choose to see in every moment. However, the appearance of shadows, within us and around us, can also trick us, if we let them, into believing that something other than Love lives in the darkness (in us and around us), a “something” that has power over us and our experience of life.

It is only as we practice the power of choice, no matter how dark it may seem in our individual life, or the world around us, that we become aware of our freedom to decide how we will experience the contrast of life on earth. In this way we become a Master over our earth life, rather than a victim of it.

Despite appearances, God is All there Is—anytime, anywhere, within anyone. Shimmering Light in a shadow’s disguise. If God were not Present even in the shadows, if God were not Present even in our darkest hour, we would not be present either because God is the Source of all life in the Universe, including our own. We live, and move, and have our existence in the Light of Creation, no matter how many shadows appear on earth. If God were not all there Is always, we would be nothing anytime. (Read more…)

Then or Now

Often we think of past and future as being opposites. But both are actually opposites of the present moment. We could say that they oppose Now on both sides. And, just as we have the freedom to choose the Power of Love over Its opposite fear, we have the freedom to choose the Power of Now over the dis-empowering opposites of past and future. We can choose (if we choose to) to be fully present right where we are. And, we’ll know the choice we’re making by what we’re experiencing.

We may not be able to actually relive yesterday today, but we can certainly make today look so much like yesterday we can’t tell the difference. And, though we can’t live tomorrow until it gets here, we can choose to spend today making tomorrow look like something to worry about. The thoughts we hold in mind and focus on shape the world we see and the way we experience it each moment. If we’re looking at today through yesterday’s thoughts and the fears of “what’s next,” there isn’t “enough presence” and we can’t experience the present moment as it is—filled with new possibilities, new thoughts, and new experiences. (Read more…)

Words or Works

There is only One Power in the Universe, though our human experience of that Power often appears dual because we are able to perceive pairs of opposites. Yet, all experiences of duality take place within the One. Our ability to choose between this or that awakens us to our freewill. Science of Mind tells us that “We are all bound, tied hand and foot, by our very freedom. Our freewill binds us by creating the very conditions that limit us. That same freedom can uncreate and dissolve those conditions. The very force that makes us sick can heal us; the force that makes us poor can make us rich; and the power that makes us miserable can make us happy.”

We can use our power of choice to bind our self, “hand and foot,” or to set our self free to be all we are created to be. We could say that every moment in this earth life is an opportunity for us to choose to discover or run for cover. Every event, situation, condition and circumstance is an opportunity to discover our freewill and power of choice to decide who we will be, and how we will be, in a world that seems to offer so much adversity. We are free to choose to be a Master of our experiences or a victim.

We may think we have this whole change your thinking, change your life thing down. “It’s all Good; It’s all in Divine Order.” We’ve read Science of Mind and/or A Course in Miracles (maybe more than once). Maybe we can even quote some of it verbatim! And then some adversity comes into our life, and we look for something or someone outside of us to fix it or blame for it. We’ve all heard the saying, “Put money where mouth is,” which simply means to take action to support your statements and opinions. We could say that every event, situation, condition and circumstance in our life is an opportunity for us put our spirituality where our mouth is; to practice what we say we believe. (Read more…)

Slug Bug or Love Bug

There is a Scottish prayer that goes: “From ghoulies and ghosties/And long-leggedy beasties/And things that go bump in the night/Good Lord, deliver us!”

It is easy for us to be tricked by the human disguises we wear because they make us look frightfully separate, gravely alone, and dreadfully on our own. Why wouldn’t we fear things that go bump in night, especially in the dark places of the human mind? The scary 3-D images of this world—ghoulies of disease, disaster, and destruction; ghosties of disharmony, dysfunction and deception; and long-leggedy beasties of distress, depression and desperation—appear to be solid, threatening and unchangeable.

When we focus solely on appearances as if that is all there is to see about you and me, it is easy to forget that what we see as our self and in others is our choice. All that we think, all that we see, and all that we experience isn’t the result of that which comes to us, but rather that which comes from us. We see the thoughts and images of our mind projected in the world around us like a movie on a screen. The thoughts we hold in mind shape what see in the world and who we choose to be in world we see. (Read more…)

Buried or Alive

There’s a saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.” We can’t get away from who we believe we are. If we think we’re no more than the sum total of who we’ve been, our past regrets keep the past alive in us in the present moment. Whatever we feel in any moment isn’t a past emotion, it is a present feeling arising in us from a past we hoped was buried.

We all want to believe we’ve forgiven our self and others for past behaviors, and let the past go. But often all we’ve done is bury our judgments until someone (or some situation) reminds us of those judgments, and they come alive in us again. When we don’t take responsibility for what we feel, when we don’t “own our emotions,” if irritation or anger suddenly comes alive in us, we look around for someone or something to blame that feeling on. But if a particular person or situation triggers a negative emotion in us, it’s because we have an arsenal of emotional ammunition buried in us just waiting to be used. We’re locked and loaded, ready to express our negative self-judgments by taking aim at each other.

If you’d like to learn how to truly forgive the past and bring the Presence of Unconditional Love to any situation, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And, join us for our 11 AM Sunday Celebration Services at The Life Enrichment Center, where you will be loved and supported along your journey of life transformation.

Despair or Delight

When we believe this human experience of life is separate from our oneness with our Spirit, we link our feelings of joy and delight to the duality of the world, and make them vulnerable to their opposites. Then, when we perceive a condition as being negative, our delight can quickly turn into despair. This world of appearances can’t show us the total picture in any situation (in any moment) because it leaves out the invisible dimension of Spirit. How can we know “for sure” what’s positive or what’s negative if we judge a condition or situation according to appearances and don’t factor in the Power of our Spirit? If you are curious about the concepts above, I invite you to listen to this podcast, and then join us at our Celebration Service each Sunday, 11 AM, at The Life Enrichment Center. Lives are transformed here!