The Intimacy of Revelation

Most of us have had an “ah-ha” moment in our life, often when we least expected it, when everything just seemed so clear. We felt a complete understanding of life without having a clue as to what we understood. It was moment of Revelation that we were somehow open to receiving. And, in that moment, we felt an unexplainable peace, an indescribable love, and an extraordinary joy. We knew that knew something because that inexplicable awareness was so real and true within us, it was undeniable. It was such a “That’s It” moment that we thought we’d never lose sight of It, and all we wanted to do was share that astonishing moment of Truth with everyone around us.

And, then we tried to describe it…Maybe we sat down with a friend or family member, and tried to put into words what we’d experienced. But our words seemed flat. No matter what adjectives or verbs we used to try to capture the color, sparkle and energy of the experience, no matter how many hand gestures, and no matter how often the person we were talking with nodded their head, it became clear to us that what we’d experienced couldn’t be described. It was ours to have within our self, alone. (Read more…)

It Will Blow Your Mind!

If everything stayed the same in our life and never changed—if our buttons were never pushed or our emotions were never triggered—we wouldn’t realize our freedom to decide how we will experience the moments of our life. We wouldn’t become aware of our power to choose who we will be when life surprises us with change. Change shakes our world and often inspires us to question our life, rather than merely going through the motions, unaware and unconscious that there is so much more to us for us know and to be.

We are so busy repeating what we have always done, we don’t look for anything new in self or the world around us…until something different shows up, a change in the ordinary. When some situation or condition gets our attention, and we can’t deny it or overlook it—whether it has to do with our health, finances, relationship with family, friends or coworkers; whether it is a change in where we will live or how we will live—it gives us cause to pause and consider how we will greet the new situation: with resistance to doing anything differently or with openness to something new. (Read more…)

It Wasn’t Me!

It has been said that the bad news is time flies; the good news is you’re the pilot. The world isn’t responsible for how we live in it each day, we are. And if we take responsibility for how we experience each moment, nothing in the world can stop us from living the life we choose. Do you feel “behind the wheel” in this earth plane? Do you take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions (no matter what is happening around you) because you know you are perfectly free to decide for yourself who you will be in any moment? Or when things appear to go off course, when a bumpy or stormy situation comes up, do you look for someone else to blame for the direction your life has taken? (Read more…)

The Edge that Calls

Trusting that the Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for, at the exact time we need it, is the most powerful inner spiritual quality we can develop. Unless we learn to trust that the Power of the Universe is backing the changes in our life with all that is needed to bring about our greater good, we won’t be able to trust change when it—whether it is a sudden, unanticipated change in outer circumstances, or a disquieting energy within us that a change is needed. Trust allows us to be at peace with what is as it is occurring, and at the same time to feel a calm, and even joyous, anticipation of what’s next. Understanding that ALL things that occur in our life are helpful, when some things seem, at best, unhelpful—e.g., illness in the body, the loss of a relationship through death or a change of heart, the loss of a job or some other financial loss—can be very difficult. But that is where learning to trust gives us the strength and grace to get through. (Read more…)