Often we think of prosperity as merely having a lot of money or material possessions. And though there is nothing “un-spiritual” about money or worldly things because everything visible (including cold hard cash) comes from the same Invisible Source, the deeper Essence of prosperity is far more vast than can ever be measured simply by material possessions. Spiritual prosperity includes loving thoughts, peace of mind, happy relationships, good health, joyous activities, and every good experience that we can imagine to be ours. It is the rich sense of well being and freedom we feel when we know we are a spiritual being living in an ever-giving Spiritual Universe.

Our awareness that we are already One with our Source, and that we free to be the self we are created to be wherever we are, allows our prosperous spirit to flow into our human experience from the inside out, unimpeded and unrestricted by doubt. Spiritual Prosperity, if we are open to It, evolves our experience of life. We live without compromise because we no longer depend on a world that appears separate from us, but rather on our awareness of the unlimited Kingdom within us.

Unconditional Abundant Good belongs to all of us as spiritual beings, and all we need to do in order to use our spiritual attributes is to accept that we are a spiritual being now—beautiful, valuable, innocent, worthy, loved, and loving. If the good we desire in our life has seemed to elude us, it is likely we need to grow into our dreams by going deeper within our self and changing the thinking that is been blocking our good.

We all believe we have good reasons for not having the good we desire. And, most of those reasons are based on the belief that we don’t deserve to have what we want because, let’s face it, we know what we’ve been up to in our mind and with our words and actions. Why, indeed, would the Holy One that is the Spiritual Source of All Good say, ”yes,” to the likes of us? Yet, the Radiating Creative Energy of Universal Love always does say “yes’ to us. But, because It says “yes” by responding to our every thought, it is our belief that we’re disconnected from our Source that keeps us mentally saying “no” to It. When our mind is filled with thoughts of “no I haven’t earned it; no I don’t deserve it; no it’s too late to have it,”our mental resistance keeps us pushing away the very good we desire that would naturally flow into our life if we would simply let It. It is our lack of belief in our self (not God) that keeps us from living the life we desire to live.

Nothing changes for us until we change for our self.  If we truly want to experience a “new” year, we must be willing to see our self in a new way; to evolve a more loving place within our self for self that will give our desires space to feel at home in us. And then we must back up our that self with every thought we think and every word and action we offer to life. We must ask for what we want believing we are already worthy to have it, not because of what we’ve done (or haven’t done) but because of who we truly are—a spiritual being forever One with a Creative Universe Love.