Though there is us nothing “unspiritual” about having money or worldly possessions, there is nothing more spiritual about doing without them. Worldly austerity does not necessarily reflect spiritual prosperity. True prosperity is our awareness of the fullness of Life that lives in us that can never be limited to or measured by the material possessions we may (or may not) choose to have around us. Nothing in the world can cause us to become more or less the Unlimited Spiritual Being we are created to be, and already are even while we are living this human experience. Only we, our self, have the power to limit our experience of life by withholding who we are, clinging to what we have, and restricting what we give.

The Power of Creation is at the center of everything, including you and me. Life (our Llfe) is done unto us as we believe our life to be because Life is always responding to our thought. Every thought has a vibration, and the Law of Attraction responds to that vibration. That is why there is no limit to our experience of this miracle we call life except the limitations we set with our thinking. Our very thoughts either attract or repel the good we desire. When our thoughts are expansive, and filled with love for our self and life, we attract to us the forms, bodies, expressions, and experiences that match, or correspond to, the magnitude of our thinking. Likewise, when our thoughts are fearful, small and protective, we attract to us the forms, bodies, expressions, and experiences that seem to confirm our fears and increase them.

We live in a Universe that Loves all that exists within It. Its All-Powerful Creative Energy gives to all alike because It gives unconditionally. Freedom to experience the Unlimited Possibilities of Life isn’t given to only a few. Life is ever-giving of Itself to all Life. No one is less important or more important to our Creator—no matter how powerful anyone seems in this world, or how disenfranchised or dis-empowered anyone may appear to be at any given moment, including our self.

If money were the key to happiness then only the financially wealthy would hold that key and could ever be happy. While those who possess so much less in this world would be doomed to gloom in life. But a life with or without worldly possessions is as full or empty as the one living that life allows it to be. We can dance with joy stark naked in a rainstorm or be miserable dressed in fine clothing in a castle. Our experience of the moments of our life depends solely on how we choose to live that moment.

Happy experiences connect us with life. When we feel joy with another (or a whole group of others) or with an animal or some aspect of nature, we have a greater awareness of our connection to Life that expands our sense of being alive in One Universe. A shared happy experience (even with a stranger) reminds us we are not alone in Life.  There isn’t more than One Life occurring here on earth or anywhere else. Life is ever-giving of Itself to Life everywhere, in every dimension. We are that Life right where we are. And, there is no other giver of Life but God. We are universally, collectively and inseparably One with God, and God is but Love. God is ever-giving to God. There is nothing else to give from or give to…and you are It right where you are, wherever you are!