How do you feel right now? Do you feel the vibrational hum of Peace? Or do you feel the agitation of stress or conflict somewhere in your emotional-physical body? Is the hustle and bustle of the holiday season getting to you already? Are you looking forward to just getting through the Holidays with all the bell-ringing, shopping, and cooking (and God forbid celebrating), so you can start fresh in the new year?

Peace, like Gratitude, is a choice available in each moment for us to choose (if we choose to). The infinite timeless Peace of this unbound Universe will never abandon us even in those moments when we feel like abandoning our life and everyone in it. As spiritual beings we haven’t lost our birthright as Children of God, even while having this human experience. We’re just unrecognizable as God’s Children while we’re busy stressing out and creating chaos.

It is our belief that outer circumstances, people, and behaviors are responsible for our reactions that causes us to be chaos-makers, rather than peacemakers. We won’t find Peace by fleeing from people and events of our world because wherever we go, there we are. Nothing sources our thoughts, emotions, and experiences but the choices we make. Nothing has an effect upon us whatsoever but that which we choose to allow to affect us.

We won’t learn be a peacemaker by waiting for the world to change. We must change our perception of the world. And, it is only as we come to Peace within our self that we can see Life differently. Unless we choose to choose the Peace that is always within us, we’ll have nothing out of which to make peace.

There are a whole lot of mental-emotional vibrations to choose from in this world—not just around the Holidays, but throughout all our days. The new year will look much like this year even if we end this year with a World Peace Meditation because it isn’t enough for us to meditate once a year for Peace. It isn’t enough for us to talk about Peace. We must believe in Peace, and yet it isn’t enough to merely believe in It. We must come to It within our self and find Its Reality as who we are at the deepest level. Then we can choose It.

It is only by Practicing Peace and making It our intention in each moment that we become peacemakers in this world…and become recognizable as Children of God.

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