The myth of “I can’t” is often a hard one to bust because our experiences in life seem to prove that it is true. How we experience life is shaped by our repetitive thoughts, and by the words we use and hear the most. Many of us have been thinking, “I can’t,” and saying it and hearing it for so long, it surely feels true.

Our being told at an early age, “You can’t,” by authorities we trusted knew what we could and couldn’t do, became the “I can’t” in our own mind. We may learned “you can’t” because you’re not smart enough, talented enough, attractive enough, coordinated enough, emotionally strong enough, or simply not the right gender to do the thing that excited our soul.

For many of us the myth of “I Can’t” grew stronger over time because our experiences were shaped by our fears of failure, inadequacy, embarrassment, and shame. And our list of what we could not do grew longer! As adults when something new excited us, when a different way of being our self in the world made our heart feel momentary lighter, “I can’t” may have been followed by “I’m not young enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, secure enough, and besides all that, what would my family, friends and coworkers think?”

It has been said that doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. When our dreams are snagged in the web of the illusion of ”I can’t,” we expect we can’t, and then we don’t, even though if we were to follow the inner urge that excites us (no matter what it is or what others may have to say about it), we would discover “Yes, we can!”

No matter how far along in our earth life we appear to be—time-wise, age-wise, health-wise, or education-wise—there is a sacred dream that lives within us still that calls to us every day, and every moment throughout the day. The closer we walk with our dream, the more we honor it by being willing to take even a small step toward it, the closer we are to the Reality of our soul. It is never too late to be more of the one we are created to be.

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