Even though it doesn’t seem so, our feeling joy or depression, blessed or stressed, doesn’t depend on anything but the choice we make. Every feeling is available to us in every moment, and we have a wide array of feelings and emotions from which to choose. What we feel depends on what we’re choosing to listen to, and what we hear when we do.

The world shouts at us each day with threats of war, conflict, and disaster. The news is filled with noisy negativity that nowadays includes gossipy stories about the inappropriate behavior of people we don’t know. (We may even add to the noise with gossipy stories about people do know!) The world tells us to look out, take cover, and defend our self at all cost by pointing our finger away from our self and shouting “look, look over there.” We do it hoping that those around us will look anywhere but at us, because we certainly don’t want to look at our self!

We’ve come believe the noise of the world and the noise in our head, is all there is to hear, and we’ve stopped listening for anything else. Yet the Shimmering Vibration of Universal Joy in which we live, lives in us still. We, and all of Creation, vibrate and pulsate with Joy just beneath the surface of our earth life. We can let It out, turn It down, and even turn It off to our awareness. But, It is still there! If It were ever truly gone, we would be gone as well. But we’re still here, and even now It fills our soul with blissful music—even when we seem to be listening to a different tune; even when we seem to be deaf to Its happy Sound; even when we seem to be numb to the impulses of Its uplifting Spirit.

There is a unified resonance in the Universe, a vibrational harmonic “hum” going on beneath the surface of all things, including our busy mind. It is always there, humming away in joyous harmony, above and beneath the chaos of this world, and above and beneath the dramas of our individual life. It vibrates deep beneath the surface of things, at the center of our soul. And, yet, our ability to hear it is only a decision away, and requires only a tiny bit of willingness on our part to listen for It.

We listen for It by letting go of our fascination with the bells and whistles of the world; by quieting the noise in our mind so that we can hear, and then listen to what we hear. However, many of us mistakenly believe we are not capable of quieting our mind because (let’s face it), we’ve got a lot going on in our mind. But, it isn’t that we’re incapable of quieting our thinking, it is simply that we are addicted to our own thoughts.

The same power of mind we use to perpetuate the noise of chaotic, discordant thinking, the same power we use to tell our self we can’t quiet our mind, is the same power we can use to quiet it so that we can “listen to the Silence.” But, we need to practice using that power to empty our mind of superficial past-future thinking, so that we can be mindful of the Present Moment and be fully Present where we are. It is the only way we can offer the gift of our attention to anyone, including our inner voice. It was through quiet contemplation that Jesus trained his mind to be silent. It was through his constant spiritual practice of being Present wherever he was that allowed him to hear the Voice of Christ. And, in listening, he heard that Inner Voice (the same Inner Voice that belongs to all of us) telling him of a world wonderful in its scope, of a love beyond his fondest dreams, and of a freedom that satisfied his soul. The same Vibration of Christ hums in our soul and tells us the same Love Story every moment. Are we willing to hear what Jesus heard?