Our feeling joy (or not) this time year (or anytime of year) doesn’t depend on anything external—not fewer or happier people in stores, not less snow or more patient drivers on roads, and not more money to spend for gifts. It depends on us, and the choices we make to think what we think, feel what we feel, and do what we do. No one thinks inside our head but us. No one chooses our mood for us. And, no one can make us move a muscle to do anything at all if we don’t choose to do it.

Every thought imaginable, every feeling possible, and every action feasible is available to us for choose from in every moment. We can decide that life is good despite any situation, and feel “Good.” Or we can decide that life is out to get us because of a particular situation, and feel down and victimized. Optimism and pessimism are habits of self-expression; a way of being in the world, and seeing in world, and interpreting what we see. We can choose to close our eyes, plug our ears and hum through our life, and live blind and deaf to the Good life is continually offering us just beneath the surface of things. Or we can look for the good, and praise it even before we see it because we trust that no matter how deep the manure may get in our life at times, there’s got to be something good just beneath it.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one,” and then proved it with every thought, word and action. He experienced the Reality of his perfect union with his Creator. He knew that he was the Son of God, and lived in the joyous love and peace of that knowing. Ours is a shared Identity. The Name of God’s Son is One. The Christ in us (right now) is the very same Christ that lived in Jesus. The very same Christ that is forever One with God. Nothing has changed about Christ in over 2,000 years because God’s creation is unchangeable. Christ hasn’t changed since the beginning when God proclaimed all He’d created as very, very good. It’s all still very, very good because It’s still God’s creation (even here on earth no matter what appears to be to us.

Diseases have changed form in 2,000 years. The manner in which we hurt our self and each other (and the weapons we use) has changed form in 2,000 years. But our freedom and power to live as Christ on earth (or not) hasn’t changed at all. We are still free to be all we’re created to be (or live in limitation and negativity).

We are no less spiritual in our earthly incarnation than Jesus was. We are no less powerful (in potential) than Jesus was. And, we are certainly no less One with God than Jesus was because we can’t be separate from Holy Light of Christ and exist at all—not here earth; not anywhere above or beneath the earth. The only difference between the life of Jesus as he walked the earth “way back when,” and our own self-expression as we walk the earth today, is that Christ not only lived in Jesus, but Jesus so identified with the Christ within him that he lived as Christ on earth.

Jesus didn’t simply understand he was the Son of God, he experienced the Truth of It inside himself, and he demonstrated his knowing through his doing. He didn’t hope for the highest and best for himself and those around him, he claimed It through the Spiritual Knowledge that all life is One with God, and It’s all very, very good. That knowing brought about healing miracles wherever he was.

Sometimes when we hear a spiritual truth, we may think “I already know that” when what we actually mean is “I’ve already heard that.” Or, we may say, “I understand that,” and maybe we do because “understanding” is the ability to grasp an idea and its significance. But, there is a difference between understanding, for example, that we are a spiritual being living in a Spiritual Universe, and actually having the experience of our self as a spiritual being—and experiencing everyone and everything around us as spiritual as well.

We are joined with our Creator through the Invisible Light of Christ. Christ is the Vibration of Creation that gives us life. It is the Shimmering Light of Universal Love that shines in every heart, including our own, whether we let Its radiance enlighten us (or not). It is the Dancing Vibration of Universal Joy that pulsates in every soul, including our own, whether we let Its vibration wake us to joy (or not). But because It is Infinite in Being, we can’t get out of It. So we might as well get on with It by living as we are created to be, the One Son of God, Christ on earth.

We don’t need to become more spiritual than we are right now to let that Mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus—to know what he knew and experience Life as the mysterious miracle It is. We can begin today to give birth to Christ on earth through us by offering our self and others faith, rather than doubt, as to who we truly are. And to offer our self and each other forgiveness, rather than blame, for forgetting, for a moment, who we truly are. The distance we need to cover will be determined by the “One” we choose to know as our Self. Jesus knew he was the Son of God. Do you know what Jesus knew?