This month at The Life Enrichment Center we are exploring together, and celebrating together, the living Christ Light that dwells within us—the Invisible Shimmering Light of Universal Love in which live that shines in us even while we are in the world, even while we seem to be in opaque physical bodies, even while we are having a human experience in which we so often lose sight of Its Radiance in our self and the world around us.

The Light of Christ in us is the same Radiant Christ Light that shined so brightly in Jesus as he walked the earth and caused miracles to occur wherever he was. We may wonder, then, why it is that miracles, if they occur at all for us, don’t occur more often wherever we are.

It could be that we just don’t see what Jesus saw. Though we are no less spiritual in our earthly incarnation than Jesus was, or any less powerful (in potential), the difference is that Jesus had no doubt he was the Son God, and through his spiritual conviction the Light of Christ illumined all he saw. With great humility he surrendered his human mind, with its perceptions of separation and opposition, to the Mind of God. And, in surrendering he was able to see the world of God’s Creation.

How can we see the world Jesus saw? In the Bible, in the Book of Philippians, we read, “Let that mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.” However, our “letting” that mind be in us requires dedication, devotion, and a desire to see life differently. It was through his quiet contemplation, silent meditation, constant spiritual practice, and a deep desire to see life as it is created to be, that the mind of Jesus was transformed, and he was able to see a world free from guilt, shame, sin, blame, disease, and pain. It was that view that allowed him to perform miracles.

Jesus accessed the healing Power of Christ on earth by claiming no other identity for himself, and by seeing no difference in himself and anyone else. If he would have seen himself as a Divine Exception, he could not have seen Christ in others. His acceptance of his sonship with God, and his oneness with all of creation, was so clear in his mind that the shadowy forms and bodies of illness and insanity that appeared to be reality in his day disappeared in his presence. The world hasn’t gotten any less crazy in 2,000 years!

Do we want to see what Jesus saw, or are we satisfied to limit our vision to the appearances of the world, and surround our self with people that see only what we see? Jesus was willing to remove the cobwebs of ignorance in his own mind, and when he did the Light of Christ shined so clear he was able to see the glory of who he was, God’s Son. Are we willing to do the same? (Those cobwebs of ignorance won’t clear themselves!)

Are we willing to accept our brotherhood with Jesus rather than seeing him as the only Son of God with no family resemblance to us at all? Or does the idea that we, too, are Sons of God seem outrageous, disrespectful, even sacrilegious? If so, the Power of Christ is lost to us. The miracles available to us through Christ’s Vision will be limited to a superficial view of our self, and our experiences of life will be those perceived by the physical senses that so often seem to offer more pain than pleasure, and more sorrow than joy.

The Shimmering Light of Christ dwells forever unchanged beneath the wrappings and trappings of this world. Who we are even now flows on beneath the surface of things. In the Bible, in the Book of Romans, we read, “For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed.” Are you ready to let YOUR Light shine?