Love doesn’t require talent, education, or even language in order for us to feel it and express it. As James Taylor put it, “Any fool can do it!” In fact, we’d be a fool not to do it because the very life in which we live operates on the Principle of Love. The Universal Law (or Code) of Love governs all that exists. We read in Science of Mind “The unity of Love and Law produces a harmonious Universe and a Perfect Creation.” We live in the Perfect Harmonious Creation It produces. We have been created to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful within It.

We are so loved, in fact,  we’ve been given freedom to create anything we choose, even disharmony. Science of Mind goes on to say, “Man, because of his individuality, and the use that he makes of it, may go contrary to both Love and Law; but so long as he does this, he will suffer.” Going contrary to Universal Love not only causes suffering, but it’s exhausting! It’s like living each day with our finger stuck in a hole in a dam of our creation trying to stop the powerful flow of Universal Love from taking us for the ride of our life.

Why would we resist going for a ride created for our Joy and Happiness? Well, in order to be swept away by Love, we’d have let go of our fear. We’d have to lose control of our life and let Love have Its way with us (no matter what). We’d need to trust Love enough to tear down those lifelong barriers against Love we’ve allowed fear to build within us. And, we’d need let go our juicy rationalizations and righteous justifications for entertaining any thoughts that are unloving about anyone, including our self.

When we live with the awareness that Love is Present right where we are (no matter where we are) because we are that Love, we float like a cork, enjoying the exciting, mysterious Flow of Life. But when we deny Love’s Presence in our self or another, we don’t float or flow. We struggle to keep from drowning in a sea of fear. So, if it seems as if life had been going against us lately (or from the start), it is because we have been going against life.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself: Where am I choosing to go contrary to Love in my life? Where am I choosing not to know Presence of Love is right there (wherever that is)? Where am I suffering—in my body, in my relationships, in my finances, in my enthusiasm for living?

We are the creator of our own experiences in life because the Creative Universe in which we live responds to the vibration of thought. Our thoughts emit vibrations that attract to us “vibrational matches” to what we are thinking. That is good news if we sending out Love signals! Science of Mind reminds us, “Our thoughts make our world and peoples it with our experiences. Everyone automatically attracts to himself just what he is.”

The mood we wake up with in the morning stays with us all day long if we don’t change it. And, it even gains momentum through out our day. If we wake up in a bad mood (because haven’t let go yesterday’s bad mood), and we don’t take the time to do whatever we need to do to feel the Love before we walk out the door, our unloving mood will automatically set our day in motion, and we’ll run head-on into situations that allow us to express our self! Our day will emphasize and reinforce our mood by attracting the very people and reactions that are attracted to us, and the negative vibration we’re emitting. We may find we focus on, and are even fixated by, events in the news that validate our negative thinking. And all the while we’ll be shaking our head and wondering what this world is coming to, when all while it is coming to us exactly as we judged it to be, filled not with Love, but hostility—the perfect match to the vibration of the thoughts we’re emitting.

We change the world we live in by changing how we live in the world. If we walk through our day happy, no matter what’s going on around us; with peace of mind, despite the news; and filled with Love, whether or not we are loved in return—there are those who may think we are crazy and don’t understand seriousness of the problems in this hostile world. But we’d be crazy not to choose to live in a world of Love. Only Love can create the good, holy, and beautiful in our day. Don’t leave home without It!