Good memories can add to our happiness today if we don’t let them replace today with yesterday! We have nothing to lose by letting go of what was because every bit of the good that was is Present in What Is right now. Life is a forward-moving, ever-expanding creation of good. If we’re looking at today through yesterday’s eyes we’re not able to see, appreciate, or experience the newness the present moment has to offer because we’re busy comparing it in our mind to our past experiences.

We see what we expect to see because we create what we see with our expectations. The old adage you reap what sow is a metaphor for the Law of Creation or the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts are like seeds that carry a vibration of creation within them that, like the seed of a flower or the acorn of an oak tree, carries the creative imprint of what they are going to become. We experience the results of our thoughts as the experiences of our life. Every thought-seed (whether we want it to or not) is going to bear fruit somewhere, at sometime. Whatever we plant most of, i.e., whatever thoughts we entertain most in our mind and nurture through our focus on them, become the strongest and grow the hardiest in our life. That is why it is important for us to focus only on what we want if we want to experience only what we want!

We don’t need to go back in time to live in the past. If we are holding onto yesterday’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings right now (because we just don’t feel like letting them go yet) they remain alive in our mind. And, they will continue to recreate yesterday again and again until we let them go. Unless we plant new thoughts today, the old ones will continue to grow stronger through repetition, and we will keep experiencing the same old crop in our life day after day.

This is a new month. It could be a new beginning, a new mindset, a new focus, a new start, and bring about new results if we let our mind to be under constant renovation. Even if our memories are all good ones, if we’re looking backwards we’ll miss what is in front of us right now—the opportunity to meet new friends, or to see old friends in a new way; the opportunity to take an empowering look within us and see our self with fresh eyes, and then begin to create the future we desire.

Life is ever-expanding in Its joyous extension of creation, and we are all part of that joyous expanding movement! If we will allow our self to be fully present with What Is right now (no matter if we are knee-deep in yesterday’s crop) and greet this moment with the expectation that there is something greater within it (and within us), something greater that is ready to come forth, then that something greater can come about in our life.

If you would like to learn how to let go of limiting thoughts of yesterday and get excited about experiencing the new beauty that can arise out of today, I invite you to listen to this podcast. And join us for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11 am. LEC is the place to BE if you would like to transform your life! All are welcome!