Self-honesty is the key to living a full and fulfilling life. It is indispensable to self-discovery, and fundamental if we want to live a happy, peaceful inner life and express our self fearlessly and freely in the world. Honest self-expression takes courage in a world that seems so full of fearful opposites and intimidating opposition; a world where conformity to no-longer-useful traditions, and acquiescence to the ideas of a powerful few, is often enforced by laws. The fearful obedience of “the masses” is easy to control. It suppresses self-knowledge and obscures new thought. That is why happy noncompliance with tradition, peaceful self-reliance, and joyful uniqueness are not only devalued in most societies, but distrusted, viewed as dangerous, and even judged as insane!

But, we can’t give our self permission to freely be our self as long as we are giving ownership of who we are to anyone else—whether it is still to our parents and the teachers who told us who we were way back when; our mate, friends, coworkers, and social groups that tell us who we are now; or our family and their expectations of who we should be for them. If we are living some else’s dream of who we should be, how can we take ownership of the dream that lives in us, and access the power within us to create that dream right here on earth.

In order to live in honesty, rather than mimicry, we need to discover what is authentically ours and not merely the influence of others. We may be one with each other, but we belong to the God of our Creation that knows exactly what is authentically ours and has already placed that knowledge within us. No one can access it for us. We gain that access through our conscious connection with the Power that created us, and that connection is accomplished through our desire, intention and commitment to know our self and to be our self…no matter what.

How often have we said “I swear to God” and considered it a harmless expletive because we weren’t about to do the thing that followed those words and, besides, we were certain that God doesn’t pay attention to such meaningless oaths as: “I swear God if my husband doesn’t stop snoring, I’m going to shoot him!” We think of our “swear to God” fantasies as harmless because they only exist in our mind. But, we actually have no private thoughts because no thought remains “secured” within our head. Every thought is a living thing and goes forth into creation. We can’t stop that thought as long as we are thinking that thought! Even if it is a fantasy we don’t act upon, the emotional vibration of it still affects us and everything around us. ALL our thoughts emit a vibration through us that affects our body and our life experiences.

Why do we say, “I swear to God,” if we don’t mean we swear to the God that is within us, right where we are? Perhaps, it is because we don’t believe that God is within us, right where we are. It has been said that such an oath is considered harmless only by those who are “internal atheists” that believe God is not Present to hear such an oath so it will not harm them or those things they treasure. And, that even if God exists, they see God as not related to them, but as being an outsider.

But God is an insider. The only place we can contact God now (or ever) is within us; within our awareness or consciousness. God is not external, but Indwelling, at the very center of our life. Even while we are having this human experience, we have no other life or reality. The gateway to knowing the Reality of our Being is self-realization; the gateway to self-realization is self-honesty. If we are living in fearful inauthenticity, nothing we do is safe, real or lasting.

Where are you showing up wearing a mask of self-confidence because you are afraid to look as I don’t know what the world is for? Where are you showing up wearing a smiling face of conformity when you don’t agree with the opinions of those around you (even friends) that are based on negative judgments of others and life? Where are you responding with “okay” when inwardly the answer is “no”?

The place in which fear comes up for us is the very doorway to our greater God consciousness or Self-realization. If there is something we are fearful of sharing with another, right there is our doorway. Who we are created to be is through the door that fear seems to block. Only we have the key to open the door, and that key is our honesty.