We learned many of the worldly facts that “ain’t necessarily so” from our well-meaning parents, who learned them from their well-meaning parents, who only wanted to keep their children safe in an unsafe world. In fact, when I was growing up my mom tried to scare the hell out of me with all sorts of scary ”what if” scenarios that she hoped would keep me from getting myself in trouble. I was told of the dangers of doing just about anything in life—from climbing on the roof and talking to strangers, to having sex and having babies. But, the one that stuck for the longest time was the one about the dangers of speaking up for myself.

When we’re taught that life is unsafe, we not only live in fear of what’s around us, we fear what’s with us and become afraid of our own impulses to express our self. We’re convinced that, if we do, we’re going to get our self in trouble, especially with those around us who wouldn’t approve.

It’s been said, “Don’t let the tame ones tell you how to live.” But, we do! We build barriers of protection within us, not only against the world around us, but against our self so that we don’t cause our self to be hurt, embarrassed, disapproved of, or to fail in the world. But, all those barriers do is block our inner experience of who we are. They hide our innocence, lovability, and capability from us, and keep us powerless to create the life we desire to live.

We are born of God, and despite our differences in appearance we are all created by one perfect spiritual substance. And, yet, each of us is created to express the One life in a unique way (with a slightly different twist or flavor). We are all been gifted by our Creator with a subtle nuance of distinction that can only be expressed thru us and by us…and It’s all Good!

The spell in the human mind that causes us to be afraid of uniquely expressing our self is that uniqueness means separation. And that such separation can lead to rejection and loneliness. So we spend so much energy trying to conform our unique self to others and their thinking, we have no energy left to explore the Truth within us and find out who we truly are.

The choice to love our self enough to Be Our Self is ours, alone. No one can make us think only loving thoughts, speak only loving words, and take only loving actions. No one can claim or deny the Christ within us, but us.

Many believe that we must die before we can experience our Oneness with God and feel a total immersion in Love. But that ain’t necessary so! We are immersed in Love right now—the Only Love there Is (or ever will be). But in order for us to feel Its embrace, we must be willing to Be our unique expression of It, and live the gift (here and now) that we’ve been given.

When we are ready to own all that we have been, all that we are right now, and all we’ve yet to discover and express of our Most Holy Self, we won’t be afraid to stand up and speak up for that Self. We won’t try to please the “sheep-like” crowds who would try to “crucify” us with angry judgments and opinions because they cannot control us or make us conform.

Only we can let the power of the Universe move through us and roar from our heart with spiritual freedom. We are alone in our Relationship with the God of our Creation. And, yet, when we choose to devote our every thought, word and action to Love alone, we will feel closer to all life than we ever thought possible because we will feel closer to our Creator. And when we’re close to our Creator, we can honestly and freely embrace all of creation.