If everything stayed the same in our life and never changed—if our buttons were never pushed or our emotions were never triggered—we wouldn’t realize our freedom to decide how we will experience the moments of our life. We wouldn’t become aware of our power to choose who we will be when life surprises us with change. Change shakes our world and often inspires us to question our life, rather than merely going through the motions, unaware and unconscious that there is so much more to us for us know and to be.

We are so busy repeating what we have always done, we don’t look for anything new in self or the world around us…until something different shows up, a change in the ordinary. When some situation or condition gets our attention, and we can’t deny it or overlook it—whether it has to do with our health, finances, relationship with family, friends or coworkers; whether it is a change in where we will live or how we will live—it gives us cause to pause and consider how we will greet the new situation: with resistance to doing anything differently or with openness to something new.

The Power of the Universe is behind every change, situation and condition in our life because change is the vehicle through which more of who we are created to be can be awakened, experienced, and expressed. We are an essential part of the unlimited, endless Creation of Life, and that Creation doesn’t happen through sameness. It occurs through an open, spontaneous response to newness, which can only come through us as we are willing to let go of the lesser in us for the greater in us, and let our thinking change so that we can see life in a new Light.

The only thing that doesn’t seem to change unpredictably, abruptly or easily in this world is our thinking. It can stay the same an entire lifetime! We get an idea in head, and no matter what new information may come along, the old thoughts in our head don’t seem to budge at all. “I know what I know. Just try to prove to me it isn’t so!” Our mind is made up about how life goes, and how we go in it. Such a mind is unable hear anything new because such a mind is closed by fear and has no ears to hear. When such a mind goes to access the answer for problem, or a solution to a situation that has come up, can only go to what it already knows. Even if that mind begins to receive new ideas, metaphysical ideas, spiritual ideas, It sees those ideas as unusable in the realm of the known, so it sets them aside and looks for the familiar.

When the idea is stuck in our head that we know all we need to know, and that we have a right to hold onto every assumption, opinion and judgment in our mind because we earned most of them in the school of hard knocks, and the rest of them from very “knowledgeable” books, we are not likely to let go of those thoughts easily (if at all) even though changing thinking might change our life. We resist accepting new thoughts because it might mean we have been wrong in our thinking. In fact, the more fearful we are about being wrong, the more resistant we are to saying, “I don’t know,” the less willing we are to let go of the known for the unknown, no matter how miserable what think we know is making our life. A new thought can’t squeak through a closed mind.

It is only the mind brave enough to trust in the Greatness of Life that has the capacity to be guided by Love. Movement along our path to greater spiritual power, and our awakening to a greater awareness of the awesome, creative, beautiful being we are created to be, always calls for continuous change in our thinking that will continue to expand our mind so we are more able to recognize a bigger, more Cosmic picture of life than we recognized before. The more open our consciousness is to knowing what we don’t know we don’t know, the more Cosmic sweep our mind has. The limited mind we have been using to think with is blown away by the Power of the Universe that seeks to endlessly create through us.

If we have been bored or troubled with our life, if our old patterns of thinking, speaking, doing have lost their shine, our mind is in need of expansion so that more light can get in and enlighten us!