We live, move, and have our being in a Conscious Universe that is conscious of us—One Unlimited Universal Mind “thought us up,” and knows right where we are every moment. That Mind brought us forth into being through the Holy Vibration of Creation. We are not only created out of that Vibration, we are created to function within it through the vibration of our thoughts. Our invisible thoughts are powerful, and whether we want them to (or not) they become visible as the life we experience. We can never hide our thoughts, or hide from our thoughts because they appear everywhere we go—as the condition of our body, the quality of our relationships, the nature of our day-day encounters, the state of our finances, and all our activities.

Our mind is like a giant radio station that picks up and transmits signals constantly, and so does the mind of everybody else. But, even though we receive input in the form of subtle energy vibrations all the time, no energy can touch us (or stay with us for long) unless we let it stay by accepting the thought vibration as true within us, and continuing to think about it rather than letting it “move through” us. What we receive as truth, we send out as truth, and it comes right back to us as our life experiences.

We think our body separates us from other people and everything else in life because as we look through the eyes of the physical body, it seems as if we are inside it looking out. And that “inside” of us, we have a private domain. We have this crazy notion that our thoughts bounce around in our brain, bounce off the inside of our skull, and stay in our head. We are fooled into believing we can think whatever we think about our self, others and life, and no one (but us) is going to know. But the Universe knows, and so does everyone in It. There is nowhere to hide the energy we emit with our thoughts because “the body isn’t a separation device, it is a communication device.”

Consciousness isn’t in the body; the body is in consciousness. In other words, we can think about our body, but out body can’t think about us. It doesn’t contain us, we contain it in our mind. Our thoughts not only animate our body, they cause the vibrations that out-picture as health or sickness, and attract to us what we experience in every area of our life. Thoughts are living things that carry a vibration creation throughout the entire Universe, and anyone can tune in!

The good news is we are created to create a beautiful life with our living thoughts. The bad news is the Universe responds to all our thoughts without filtering or judging them (that part is up to us). What we put out, we get back, no questions asked. That is how free we are to create our life!

If we’ve taught our self to live from fear, to think negative thoughts and to believe the opinions of world mean something, the negative thoughts we emit attract people that are negatively minded, don’t express life-affirming qualities, and don’t support us in our good. Like attracts like. In the same way, when our thoughts and attitudes emit true spiritual confidence, when we love self and no longer deny our self to win the good opinions of world, we seem to gain the greatest support of the Universe.

If we want to attract beings who will join us in positive co-creation, beings who will love and support us, we must decide to be a being who loves and supports our self. When Love leads the way, when Love is the energy field in which we abide because we are thinking only loving thoughts, everywhere we go we touch the Universe, and everyone and everything in It, in positive life-affirming ways…and like a flower that opens to sunlight, Love responds to Itself.