There is a Scottish prayer that goes: “From ghoulies and ghosties/And long-leggedy beasties/And things that go bump in the night/Good Lord, deliver us!”

It is easy for us to be tricked by the human disguises we wear because they make us look frightfully separate, gravely alone, and dreadfully on our own. Why wouldn’t we fear things that go bump in night, especially in the dark places of the human mind? The scary 3-D images of this world—ghoulies of disease, disaster, and destruction; ghosties of disharmony, dysfunction and deception; and long-leggedy beasties of distress, depression and desperation—appear to be solid, threatening and unchangeable.

When we focus solely on appearances as if that is all there is to see about you and me, it is easy to forget that what we see as our self and in others is our choice. All that we think, all that we see, and all that we experience isn’t the result of that which comes to us, but rather that which comes from us. We see the thoughts and images of our mind projected in the world around us like a movie on a screen. The thoughts we hold in mind shape what see in the world and who we choose to be in world we see.

The good news is we are free to change the reels of our reality anytime we choose because we have the power to change our thinking anytime we choose. No matter what is going on around us, as powerful creative spiritual beings we can choose to see things differently. Though our mind may play tricks on us, if we keep it open to the awareness that there is more to see than what appears to be, the more to see will be revealed to us—those Spiritual Treats we share with God in each moment. But those Treats can only fill a mind open to them (like a goody bag on Halloween) so that the heavenly Light of Love can get in. What comes into our mind depends on what door we decide to knock on. The door we choose depends on what we desire to experience in the moment we’re in. Which is to say, whether we’re looking for a fight or we’re looking for the Light.

The beauty of living in a world filled with opposites—conflict and harmony, blame and forgiveness, fear and love—is that we can discover we have the power to choose what we will experience. The question we may want to ask our self is, “Do I want to be a slug bug or a love bug in life?” In every moment we are perfectly free to choose the radiance of our spiritual Light and respond to life with love. And, we are just as free to choose to react in fear and defensiveness instead.

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