Trusting that the Universe sends us exactly what we are ready for, at the exact time we need it, is the most powerful inner spiritual quality we can develop. Unless we learn to trust that the Power of the Universe is backing the changes in our life with all that is needed to bring about our greater good, we won’t be able to trust change when it—whether it is a sudden, unanticipated change in outer circumstances, or a disquieting energy within us that a change is needed. Trust allows us to be at peace with what is as it is occurring, and at the same time to feel a calm, and even joyous, anticipation of what’s next. Understanding that ALL things that occur in our life are helpful, when some things seem, at best, unhelpful—e.g., illness in the body, the loss of a relationship through death or a change of heart, the loss of a job or some other financial loss—can be very difficult. But that is where learning to trust gives us the strength and grace to get through.

We begin to cultivate trust as we accept that nothing—no event, encounter, or circumstance—happens to us from a source outside of us that is separate from us (or out to get us!). ALL things come to us from within us through our call for them because we are ready for something greater in our life. But we don’t always get to choose what things will look like when they come. The Universe creates for us by creating through us, and it’s all good even when it doesn’t appear to be. Through our thinking we consciously (and unconsciously) “ask,” and our thoughts emit vibrations to which the Universe responds by bringing to us vibrational matches to what we’re asking for. The Universe perfectly answers with all we need at the perfect time—every person, event, encounter, and circumstance. Trust allows us to transcend our judgments of imperfection in any given moment through our acceptance that whatever is occurring is unfolding perfectly, whether we can see the perfect results (yet) or not.

If absolutely nothing needed to change in order for “what’s next” to joyously appear in our life so that we experience more fully the life we desire to live, then nothing would change. But movement along our spiritual path always calls for some kind of change in our thinking that will expand our spiritual awareness of who we are created to be. In order for us to move further along our spiritual path, we are constantly being called to let go of the lesser within us for the greater within us, so that we can flow more easily with the constant change and expansion of the Universe of which we are a part. And, it’s ALL good.

Trust allows us to let go (and let God) with less pain, resistance and confusion, and with more peace of mind. Our trust that the good is coming to us as we have asked, allows us to accept that in each moment we are given all we need for the moment and for what’s next. But just because “what’s next” arrives looking like a bed of roses doesn’t mean we won’t discover there are thorns as well. As we continue to ask for more of our Spirit to express through us, and we do ask whether we are aware we’re asking or not, it is often the thorns that answer the call. When we’re ready for the next step along our spiritual path, often we get pricked by one of those thorns. It may not feel good, but every prick is helpful because we move even faster toward our spiritual goal to grow more deeply in forgiveness, in wisdom, in love, and in the power of Christ. That’s why no matter what is going on in each moment, we can be grateful for every thorn in our side.

If we are feeling emotions; if we are feeling like we want to run; if we feel like we want to avoid taking responsibility for something that has been dropped in our lap “rest assured, right there is our edge.” Right there is the place we need to turn to and embrace with love. The crux of our blocks to spiritual growth, that decisive, pivotal point where we need to change fear to love within our self, is our edge. Every time our emotions are triggered, and we want to retreat back into our comfort zone of denial and defensiveness, right there is a holy moment, a teaching moment. The edge of our own mountaintop calls to us to come, step off, and fly. We are created to fly high in the holy vibrations of Creation, to create the good, joyous, and beautiful. But, we’ll never discover our powerful wings, or know how high we can fly, unless we trust enough to come to the edge that calls.