The human mind tells us “Stop!” when it comes to our doing so many things in life, while the impulse of our heart tells us to go for it (whatever “it” is) because our heart knows we are created to fly far beyond the limited, opposing concepts of a world that would try to keep our spirit grounded by fear. The Love that lives in our heart is a fearless Love that fills the Whole Universe with life. It places no limitations or conditions on our self-expression. The moment we allow our heart to take the lead in our life, its impulse inspires our thoughts, words and actions.

When Love is confined to the mind, and defined by our personal requirements for its expression by us and others, we confuse our definitions of love with Love, Itself, and we miss the Free Spirit of Love altogether. Love defined by the mind is seldom allowed expression because the very same mind that offers us reasons to love gives us plenty of reasons not to love. Everyday somewhere in the world unloving thoughts, words and actions take place (sometimes by us). But, it is when they seem to be more destructive than our own unloving thoughts, more harmful than our own harsh words, and more damaging than our own unkind actions (In other words, it is when they become news-worthy) that we begin to notice something isn’t quite right with the world in which we find our self.

When unloving, harmful, and damaging actions take place close to our dwelling place (i.e., in our country), and when those actions of “un-Love” involve the young as they did in Florida on Valentine’s Day, our attention seems to be more “personally” drawn to the hole in the collective human heart caused by the belief that we are separate from Love and each other, need reasons to love one another, and have good reasons to fear one another. Fear, and all it gives rise to—feelings of unworthiness and actions of rage, feelings of unlovability and actions of fury—are judgments of the human mind, not impulses of the heart.

When thoughts and words are filled with negative judgments, they often turn into destructive actions. And, when they do we want someone to blame and hold accountable, whether it is the government, our schools, special interest groups, or even bad parenting. Congress may, or may not, enact stricter gun laws or laws against other weapons used to express fear. But no law of this world can prevent fear or remove the barriers against Love we have let fear build within us. There is no such thing as an “innocent” unloving thought in our own mind, a “harmless” unkind word from our lips, or a “meaningless” uncaring deed done by us. Rather than pointing our fingers “out there,” are we willing to allow this latest atrocity to give us cause to pause and look within our self? Are we willing to consider our own judgmental thoughts, and seek to remove the barriers against Love we’ve built that keep Love from healing us, and flowing through us to heal the world?

If we want to live in a world of Peace where Love is the only impulse, and where kindness, compassion, understanding, and caring are the only actions that take place every day, then it up to us take responsibility for being the Peace and practicing the Love we wish to see. It is not possible for us to believe we live in a Universe of Love, and that God is all there Is in us and the world no matter what appears to be, and then judge by appearances that there are parts of life that are somehow separate from God, and therefore unlovable. How often do we need to see the viciousness of the belief in separation before we seek to heal that belief in our self?

Let us consider the following questions and, if we are willing to answer them, to answer them with heart-filled honesty: Where am I fearful because I don’t truly trust God loves me? Where in my mind do I perceive myself as well as others without love? Where do I need to understand more deeply how the viciousness of the ego (which is the belief in separation) works within my own mind?

Since we can’t step out of our own mind, then whatever we see must reflect our own thoughts. It is our thoughts that tell us what we are, and what the world is because we perceive the world with those thoughts. If we deny our own fearful beliefs, and point an angry finger to the fears of the world demanding the world show up as we would have it, without our taking responsibility for own fearful perceptions, then all we do with our righteous anger is add another drop of poison into the collective cup of the human life we share, and we perpetuate the anger and fear that causes chaos and atrocities in the world in which we find self.

The concept of “them and us”—no matter who “they” are and no matter who we think we are—causes us to perceive separation even though the wholeness of Life is Present everywhere, all the time. And a mind perceiving without love perceives emptiness even though the fullness of Love’s Presence is embracing everyone and causing all life to be safe in the Heart of God. If we are ever going to experience “Love Sweet Love” in the world, we must BE the Love Sweet Love it needs, and we can only BE that Love when we follow the Impulse of the Heart.