Most of us have had an “ah-ha” moment in our life, often when we least expected it, when everything just seemed so clear. We felt a complete understanding of life without having a clue as to what we understood. It was moment of Revelation that we were somehow open to receiving. And, in that moment, we felt an unexplainable peace, an indescribable love, and an extraordinary joy. We knew that knew something because that inexplicable awareness was so real and true within us, it was undeniable. It was such a “That’s It” moment that we thought we’d never lose sight of It, and all we wanted to do was share that astonishing moment of Truth with everyone around us.

And, then we tried to describe it…Maybe we sat down with a friend or family member, and tried to put into words what we’d experienced. But our words seemed flat. No matter what adjectives or verbs we used to try to capture the color, sparkle and energy of the experience, no matter how many hand gestures, and no matter how often the person we were talking with nodded their head, it became clear to us that what we’d experienced couldn’t be described. It was ours to have within our self, alone.

All the Love we could ever hope to feel is already within us to experience. All that we could ever hope to come to know about Self and Life is already there, too. God is already here, and we are forever God’s. In fact, we are so loved by God we are given freedom in our eternal Holy Union with Him to ignore His Voice of Love. But, until we open our mind and heart to Intimacy with the One Love within us, until we experience our Self as God knows us, we will never truly feel our connection with Life or with anyone around us.

As Eckhart Tolle reminded us, we are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That’s how important we are. And, yet, we look to world to tell us who we are! We take to heart its negative judgments and assessments of our worthiness to succeed in such a holy purpose, and live this earth life as powerless, vulnerable humans at the mercy of the world. We give our power to those around us who would gladly crucify us because they’ve lost sight of their own holy purpose.

If we want to experience more ah-has in a world that so often appears to be ho-hum, it is up to us to prepare the way in our mind for the intimacy of Revelation. How? By thinking only loving thoughts no matter what is said or done around us, so that we are able to hear the Voice of Love, loud and clear, over the chaotic noise of this world.

We may not be able to describe our Revelation in words to anyone else, but we can reveal It to everyone around us through the life we choose to live. We can decide to release our fascination with this wild and woolly world of chaos, and stop talking about it as if it is the only life to live. And we can choose, instead, to become Intimate with the Divine One within us, and invite that Holy Relationship to be Present in all that we think, say and do.

We reveal who we believe our self to be with our every thought, word and action. And, we are free to reveal our Self to be Divine—One with the God of our Creation, joined as One Life, One Love, One Purpose.