I’ve always said that if one person shows up on a Sunday morning, I will be there, too. And, for nearly eight years, through literally rain, snow, sleet, and summer heat we’ve had a Sunday Service! Today’s decision began and ended with complete trust in the Guidance of Spirit that is always there (and always aware) “Behind the Scenes”—the title of the talk, by the way, that I’d planned to give next Sunday! However, since I truly want to share with you the talk I’d prepared for today, “I Swear to God,” that will be our topic next Sunday.

Rather than focusing on the ever-changing weather outside the window and on the weather maps, or reading the dramatic details of the winter storm warnings, in order to decide what was “best” for our congregation, the clear answer to cancel our Service today came as every True Answer comes, from looking within for Guidance. As I released my need for conditions to be a certain way, I was able to surrender to the Inner One—that Presence of Awesome Wisdom and Powerful Love that is always there, Behind the Scenes, and always knows right where we are.

All this month we’ve been exploring the theme “Honesty” and considering how we can access the Spiritual Truth that lives in us so that we can live that Truth. When we practice being honest with what we feel, when we have no interest in overriding our intuition even when our human mind opposes it, it is easier for us realize that if we truly want to know more than we do in any moment, we need to accept that we “honestly” don’t know the answer. It is only when we let our self surrender to the Invisible One that does know, that we clear the path within us and we are able to hear and to feel the Real that is always and forever Behind the Scenes of the visible—guarding, guiding, sheparding, and protecting.

We are so blessed to gather each Sunday to celebrate the God that is All in us and in every living thing. I so appreciate the grace with which the cancellation was accepted by so many. The feeling of Unity and Joining was palpable—warm, loving and peaceful—in the Invisible Life we share wherever we are.

Thank you Beautiful, Beautiful Beings of Light and Love. See you next Sunday!