Love may make the world go round, but when it comes to our human experience of love, it can turn our world upside down because love (like everything else in this world) Love appears to depend on something outside of us in order for us to feel It. So, if and when we feel it, we become afraid of losing that feeling. We worry about all the ways we could lose Love—such as the “Big Ds” of death, disapproval, disappointment, dismissal, and desertion.

Whether it is the love of a parent, child, partner, or a friend, we are willing to do just about anything to hold onto that love—whether we like the things we are doing, or not; whether we agree with what we’re agreeing with, or not; whether we choose to be someone else to be loved, or not. Often we are so afraid of being abandoned by love that we abandon our self. We deny who we are and how we truly feel. We don’t rock the boat even to offer a helpful alternative perspective!

When we let someone’s opinions, behaviors, and needs (no matter who that someone may be) affect the way we feel about our self, the words we speak and the actions we take, we’ve surrendered the Power of Love within us that would guide us always to do the right thing. We give someone else the power to control us because we believe they hold key to Love. We try to fulfill their need for love because we feel so needy our sell. We try to prove our love to another in order to prove to our self that we are lovable. But, we won’t believe it anyway because unless we find Love within our self (for our self), we will never truly feel loved by anyone else.

When we let fear, rather than Love, join us together with another, when we let our fear of losing love guide our thoughts, words and action, when we “hop on for the ride” because we don’t want let someone down (even though they’re not going in the direction we want to go), the weight of our fearful joining, like additional body weight on a toboggan ride down hill, speeds up the downward momentum of any problem and only leads to further pain, sorrow, suffering, and loneliness. There is a difference between compassion and agreement, empathy and sympathy, and understanding and pity. Love doesn’t arise outside of us until It arises within us. It doesn’t come through calculation, manipulation, or capitulation.

Love is all there Is always. Everyone is that Love always. Every living being has the Power within them to turn their life around and change direction. No one is helpless ever.  We can only be truly helpful by taking a stand on Holy Ground where we are safe in the Heart of God, and only from there can we see the Truth in someone else. It is as we hold our high vibration that it becomes an invitation to someone else to rise above their problems with Love.

Poetry tells us that Love is like oxygen, a rock, a butterfly, a river, the wind, a heat wave, a red, red rose. Love is also like a ski lift that will take us higher and higher up the Mountain of Love, as high as we’re willing to let It. And there is always room enough for everyone to take the ride with us. Fear (on the other hand) is like a very crowded toboggan ride to hell.